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La Dolce Vita!

There are many "Sweet" places here at the Redwood and La Dolce Vita is our largest. The room has a King size bed, extensive private lounge with pull out sofa and balcony equipped with sleeping dome, table and chairs. The room can also be separated in two and is divided by a thick, impressive sliding wood door--this will ensure privacy. The private bathroom is elegant with crystal lighting and imported Mexican sink. Moreover, guests can enjoy breathing in fresh air from the many live plants that highlight the room.

The Vineyard

The Vineyard is quite the purple sweetheart, complete with four poster bed, antique accessories, famous photography and private fancy bathroom. All lighting is antique and has been immaculately preserved for your enjoyment.

Saffron Valley

This room was inspired by artist Carmella Rinaldis on one of her trips to Italy. The light energy and warmth of room creates a sense of simplicity, comfort and delicacy. A queen size bed invites our guests to relax and in addition, there is specialized seating area to enjoy drinks, reading or writing. Moreover, the decor showcases antiques that bring us back to a time of delicacy and creativity. Saffron Valley is also accented with many live plants to ensure fresh air.

River View... optional Double Decker on the same level

The River View overlooks the garden, Niagara Gorge and River.  The room hosts a King size bed, additional seating area, private bathroom with claw foot tub and shower.  The upper level also hosts a treadmill, weights and desk area for "office" work. This room is suitable for a family of up to six people.